About OEM Systems Company

How long does it take to become “Expert”?
OEM Systems Co. Employee PhotoFrom our point of view, “Expert”, is the accumulation of sufficient expertise, over time, as to enable the understanding of the nuances of a topic.  We are indeed “Experts”. In the 1980’s we saw the need for high-quality speakers to be built into walls and ceilings. Since 1987, OEM Systems has been a resource for the design, engineering and manufacture of custom-installation loudspeakers and accessories that streamline the process. Ever since the early days of the custom installation industry, we have been a trusted supplier for many of the best-known loudspeaker brands. As the industry grew so did our range of solutions. Today we offer a broad range of custom installation speakers and accessories
to work with:

  • Preference – Ultimate performance and build quality, MAP pricing, the best you can buy
  • Presence – Superb design and performance, great value, dependable and durable
  • ArchiTech – Design excellence, value-engineered, great price/performance ratio
  • Sound Terrain – Many options for the best sound solutions for outdoor sound
  • Endeavor – Durable Indoor/outdoor cabinet speakers that look great and sound terrific
  • Pro-Wire accessories – from mud rings, to connection plates, to bananas that really work

And for OEM Systems, the label “Expert” applies to our skill set as a supplier:
The key characteristics we proudly stand behind for our customers are:

  • Consistency – Our products are designed to withstand the test of time.
  • 99% Fill rate – We can be counted on to have what our customers need, when they need it.
  • Inventory strength – We use our manufacturing strength to the customer’s advantage. We step up to bring in factory-level quantities – so our customer doesn’t have that burden.
  • Fast Turnaround – Orders that get in to our desk by 1 PM (PST) are shipped the same day
  • The human touch – Real OEM people answer your calls – and deliver real help.
  • Customer-Friendly Web – The OEM Systems site is designed for simple, ‘click’ connections.