Elegant New In-Wall Audio Center With AM / FM / CD / AUX / USB From OEM Systems Drives Up To 8 Pairs Of Speakers


Sleek IW-SYS3 delivers affordable whole-house entertainment for all ages, is easy-to-use and fits neatly between standard 16” on-center studs

Reno, Nevada, March 28, 2014 – OEM Systems of Reno, Nevada has been a leading manufacturer of custom installed audio products for the home and office for more than 25 years. Their new IW-SYS3 epitomizes what technology can do – to make great home entertainment simple. In one sleek, on-wall unit, the IW-SYS3 provides entertainment from AM, FM, Compact Disc, additional sources through the AUX in, and the ability to play music from any flash drive inserted into the USB conveniently located on the front.

IW-SYS3-Sample LayoutThe IW-SYS3 can deliver those entertainment sources throughout the home or office through as many as eight pairs of 8 ohm speakers.  The IW-SYS3 is a dream to control because it even comes with a full-sized remote control with easy-to-read labels.

OEM Systems’ founder Tony Gable describes the impact of the IW-SYS3 in these terms:
Once you get used to having clean, clear music throughout your home, managed by your fingertips, you want it in every home you ever own. The SYS3 makes it super easy to enjoy AM-talk-radio, your fave FM station, your prized compact discs or any other music source at the touch of a button. You can also stream music to the Audio Center from any mobile device via the optional docking station and snap-in Bluetooth receiver. The SYS3 is the most affordable whole-house audio center in the market. With a Suggested Retail of $399.95. it’s today’s best whole-house musical value.”

Among the worthwhile features found on the IW-SYS3 are:

  • High-Accuracy Digital AM / FM Tuner (30 AM and 30 FM Presets)
  • AM / FM Auto-Seek (that really works)
  • Zone B Paging
  • Easy-Access CD Transport
  • High-Visibility Remote Control
  • Convenient Front-Mounted USB Port
  • Adjustable LCD Display with LED Backlight

OEM Systems also has a handy family of supporting accessories to enhance the value of the IW-SYS3 and help integrate the Audio Center into every day family life:

  • MS-D1 and MS-B1The MS-D1 is a docking station that plugs right into the AUX input on the SYS3. When used in conjunction with the MS-B1 Bluetooth Receiver (that snaps right into the dock) you have a terrific bluetooth wireless input to stream any musical content from any mobile device.
  • If the homeowner wants to have the AUX input installed in-wall adjacent to the Audio Center, this is easily accomplished with the IWM-2RGRG – a dual RCA input wall plate that easily installs in a single gang box.

The IW-SYS3 easily drives any combination of up to 8 pairs of speakers – indoor, outdoor, in-ceiling, in-wall or freestanding.

OEM Systems Director of Marketing and Sales, Richard Frank, describes the IW-SYS3 as a true catalyst-product for integrators, electricians, builders and developers alike:
The IW-SYS3 is the kind of pivotal product that enables a builder / developer to dramatically enhance the ambiance of a home – and do so very affordably. The ability to have your own music wafting throughout your home creates a very sensuous lifestyle that homeowners value highly. The IW-SYS3 can easily be installed by the low-voltage sub on the job – whether they be the AV company, the security company, or the electricians on the job site. The end result is a seamless audio system – located in the central room in the home – but with music everywhere.”

For additional information, photos, product for review, or more details on installation and set-up, you are cordially invited to contact OEM Systems directly:
Richard Frank, rfrank@oemsystems.com
Office 775-355-0405, Cell 949-637-0700

OEM Systems has been a leader in the design, manufacture and supply of audio products for custom home installation for almost 30 years. The company maintains a  highly responsive warehouse in Reno, Nevada, where orders in by 2 PM are shipped the same day by 4 PM. All OEM products are designed, engineered and developed by the engineering team in Reno. OEM Systems loudspeaker systems carry a Limited Lifetime Warranty and their reputation in the market is one of dependability and reliability.

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