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Preference - Technical Brief - Masters Of The Grille

They say to put your best foot forward. Well – the grille design for Preference speakers does just that. GRILLES are the most visible part of an installation that customers see every day. With Preference speakers, customer’s are assured that the look and fit of their installation is perfect.

Neodymium MagnetsPreference speakers come with a micro-perforated, stainless steel, magnetic grille design that uses 16 and 24 neodymium magnets on the 6-1/2” and 8” speakers respectively. These rattle-free grilles really hold tight, and look and sound magnificent. Even the little button magnets were designed with great forethought. At just 10 mm x 2 mm, these small, powerful magnets hold the grilles in place securely and have the lowest possible profile. This enables the grille to sit as low and flat as possible on the baffle. Furthermore, these button magnets are slightly angled, so their surface meets the inside of the grille at just the right angle for full, secure attachment.

These grilles are also designed with a low-profile dome silhouette, exhibiting a nearly-imperceptible gently-domed shape. This fine detail enables these grilles to be resistant to sympathetic vibrations that can occur when the speakers are playing. Without this feature the grilles would rattle and generate sound of their own. Not with Preference!
Ultra Thin Magnetic Grille
We’ve even included an acoustically-transparent scrim cloth inside the grille to ensure a smooth, ceiling-bright appearance. With round or the optional square grille, Preference speakers are the finest way to go.

Frameless Speaker - K-62d Frameless Speaker - K-82d Frameless Speaker - K-625d Frameless Speaker - K-825d

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2 Responses

  1. rob mayer says:

    Will you be redesigning your rectangular walls speakers with this low-profile magnetic grille anytime soon?

    • oemadmin says:

      Yes, we’re actually testing our new Rectangular In-Wall Frameless LCR Speaker now. These should be available for purchase during the second quarter of 2015!

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